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After finishing my studies in contemporary dance, my interest in heels and commercial dance grew. With a broad foundation and the possibility to take elements from various styles, I create my movement quality and expression.


Formal education

Iwanson International School of Contemporary Dance
Sep 2017 – Jul 2020
Munich, Germany

Training & Stipendium

Malou Linders 3-day Intensive
Sep 2022 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Created by Malou Linders

Make it count
March 2022 Berlin, Germany
Created by Denis Weckbach. With Alex Hipwell, Alex Schoendorf, Floris Bosveld, Ini Hanfmann, Ricky Jinks, Dolores Dujak and Nellie Bethel

Make it count meets ALX Method program
Oct 2021 Berlin, Germany
Created by Denis Weckbach and Alex Schoendorf

Munich Dance Workshops
Aug 2021 Munich, Germany
Created by Camila Moskaleva. With Malou Linders and Anthony Nakhlé

PureHeels Program Intensive
May 2021 Berlin, Germany
Created by Danny Penninzula. With Jouana Samia, Sally Holzer and Raha Nejad

PureHeels Program
Feb 2021 Munich, Germany
Created by Danny Penninzula

Stipendium Iwanson Sixt Foundation
July 2019 Prague, Czech Republic
Working with Isaac Spencer, Marco Di Nardo and Mathias Deneux at ICDW



Challenge accepted!
July 2020 Gasteig Carl-Orff-Saal, Munich, Germany
Choreography and concept by Moritz Ostruschnjak

Lange Nacht der Museen
Oct 2019 Munchner Kunstlerhaus, Munich, Germany
Solo performance with own choreography, contemporary

Send It
Oct 2019 Neun Kulturzentrum, Ingolstadt, Germany
Choreography by Eleisse Crouch

Festival Junger Tanz
July 2019 Gasteig Carl-Orff-Saal, Munich, Germany
‘69 Eights’ by Johannes Härtl
‘If not us who, if not now when?’ by Minka-Marie Heiss
‘Survivor’ by Isabella Blum

Festival Junger Tanz
June 2018 Gasteig Carl-Orff-Saal, Munich, Germany
‘Displaced Person’ by Pia Fossdal
‘Texas Ladies’ by Regine Blum

Other work and stage experiences

Dancer in concept video ‘I am woman’
Dec 2021 Munich, Germany
Choreographed by Melanie van den Boom

Member of ‘Moove in Heels Company’
Sep 2020 – Dec 2021 Munich, Germany
Choreographed by Dolores Dujak

Dancer in various video shootings such as ‘Lose control’ and ‘Blanco’
July – Aug 2021 Munich, Germany
Choreographed by Dolores Dujak for (Moove in Heels) Moove Dance Acadamy

Member of ‘Widelius Dance Company’
Sep 2014 – June 2017 Karlstad, Sweden
Second place winners of ‘Streetstar School Challenge’ in 2015 and 2016

Project and performance ‘Hej Sverige’
June –  July 2016 Fårösund, Gotland
In collaboration with BASE23

Choreographing and teaching experiences

Film ‘Why don’t you’
Feb 2022 Munich, Germany
Choreographer and dancer, heels

Film ‘No.1’
Dec 2021 Munich, Germany
Choreographer and dancer, heels

Solo film ‘Least of victories’
June 2020 Munich, Germany
Choreographer and dancer for Iwanson International and Drehmoment Film, contemporary

Live performance ‘This is a man’s world’
March 2019 Munich, Germany
Choreographer at ‘Stückchenwiese’, contemporary

Live performances three years in a row with various medleys
Spring 2017 – 2019 Karlstad, Sweden
Choreographer for 'Norrstrandsskolans musikklasser' graduates, musical/jazz



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